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Alice Greenfingers

Alice Greenfingers

Alice Greenfingers

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1st Runner-Up Best Action/Arcade Game of 2007 Step into the gardening business as Alice Greenfingers in this intriguing simulation game, where you build and decorate your own garden of flowers, animals and vegetables. Follow the market trends, learn to know your customers and sell ripe crops down at the town market to expand and get your business profitable. Sow, water and harvest a wide range of crops!
  • 15 types of seed.
  • 12 awards to win.
  • Customizable garden!
  • Help Alice save her Uncle's farm in Alice Greenfingers 2

Configuration requise:
CPU: 600 Mhz
Memory: 128
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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Editeur: Big Fish Games
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Alice Greenfingers - Build a blooming garden of flowers. Build your own garden of flowers and vegetables then go to the market and sell your goods in this intriguing sim game.